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NTC Voice Solutions is able to provide the following services to your business as part of a holistic approach to helping improve efficiencies in a number of key areas.

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Inbound Sales Acquisition

Sales, Cross Sell and Up sell,
We do it your way.
We mirror your sales process and become an extension of your sales team. The buying options our agents present to your customers always make sense to them. At NTC we know that a sale, is more than a once off transaction, it is an experience that brings your customers back again and again.... or sends them running. NTC specialises in delivering your message and delivering a buying experience that drives repeat business while delivering the best possible customer experience.

Outbound Sales 

We collaborate with you on a script that effectively boosts conversions, and revenue from cross sell and up sell. Our highly trained agents will increase your sales volume, while delivering best practice customer experience.
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Lead Generation

We save you time and money by allowing your sales team to do what they do best. Speak with highly qualified prospects. We create a call plan to introduce your company and products to the marketplace, qualify prospects and pass on only the best leads to your sales team to follow up.
Customer Service Support

NTC does more than customer service. We deliver outstanding experiences that reinforce and differentiate your Brand and you Product in the mind of your customer. A Customer service experience in plants the perception a customer has of your Company and Product. And in this age of Social Media, it can also influence more opinions than ever before. That’s why NTC never forgets that our most important goal is to consistently deliver superior customer experience... before, during and after the sale.
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SMS Broadcast

NTC SMS services enables you to integrate mobile communications into your sales, marketing, loyalty and retention programs. SMS messages have a 95% read rate, making SMS messaging a powerful compliment to your existing programs. With NTC the possibilities are endless.
Data Management

NTC Voice Solutions offers market research & data collection services to cater to the demand of outbound call centre facility along with specific Tele-sales functionality.

We also offer highly sophisticated data management services to ensure maximum return on each contact made on behalf of our clients.
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Email Contact 
NTC provide support for communication channel that your customers choose. Email interactions are another opportunity for you to partner with NTC to reinforce your Brand and Product with your customer.

Our email support of your Company and Brand can be integrated with a range of other services, including Customer Service Support, Sales, Pricing, and Order Fulfilment. NTC responds, on your behalf, to the customer, via the channel that will result in the best outcome for the customer.

  If we receive an email and our experience tells us a personal phone call is the best way to respond, that’s what we do.

To ensure our email responses meet the 
standards for your company that we have 
agreed on with you, we train our agents in email systems and procedures and use quality assurance  checks and coaching as necessary to ensure a consistently high level of customer care and experience.

Data Entry and BOH Services

NTC is an experienced and professional administrative back office service provider, including offline and online data entry, data capture, data processing, data conversion, Image scanning, OCR and indexing, forms processing web and internet maintenance and research, as well as accounting and bookkeeping services.
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The difference between an IVR experience that proceeds easily through the process of reaching a callers objective is not technology, but design. At NTC our IVR never strands a caller without the option of reaching a live agent trained to assist them.

Nothing is more frustrating to the caller or more damaging to your Company and Product reputation than having a customer lost in telephone limbo.

On the other hand nothing is more efficient, or cost effective than a self guided, easy to understand self service system.

NTC gives you the best of both worlds with its advanced IVR programs and services. We can act as your primary IVR provider or as an overflow and peak demand back up to your own in-house program. NTC offers many IVR applications..... NPS, Lead generation, Automated Services, Help lines, FAQ, Health Service Information, Transit information, Airline Updates and Order Status to name a few. NTC also offers Voice Broadcasting..... The ability to send out thousands of calls communicating time critical information.
Payment Collections

The NTC solution incorporates the very best of Human resources, along with automated tools and systems to quickly and skilfully, find, contact, manage and resolve past due accounts. Carefully crafted and expertly executed NTC recovery strategies often enable companies to resolve issues before accounts reach bad debt status.

NTC can provide innovative solutions that enable our clients to manage delinquent accounts and their customer relationship with equal ease.
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Electronic Document Management

Record storage has always been considered as interesting as watching grass grow, but the rise of privacy concerns and the increasing cost of storage of physical records have made efficient record storage a priority for all types of businesses. NTC can provide you with an efficient and economical EDM program. Which will protect your most important asset, your information, simplify your Disaster Recovery while enhancing client record security. Enabling you to improve process's efficiency, and allow you to retrieve a record and answer clients’ questions on the spot.
Web Chat Services and Support

Live on-line conversations drive your product.

Our live chat support agents are the voice of your company and your products. One conversation at a time. Our dedicated Product Specialists communicate expertise and passion in every chat interaction.

NTC web chat specialists provide reactive chat support in real time. When your customers want it, they ask, we deliver on your behalf.
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Customer Loyalty Program

Winning new customers is harder than keeping existing ones. NTC Loyalty Programs can boost your retention rate, revenue and profitability. Learn more about how NTC Brand Care can enhance your customer loyalty program.
Booking and Reservations

NTC is equipped with state of the art equipment and technology. Our call centre is staffed with professional agents with extensive Airline and Hotel reservation experience. At NTC we can handle either direct label voice reservations on your behalf, or simply handle your overflow and after hours calls globally.
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Membership Renewals

Membership renewals can be an expensive and resource challenging process. NTC has developed a comprehensive program to simplify all types of membership renewal, Airline Loyalty Programs, Hotel Loyalty Programs, Sports Club affiliations etc. utilising multiple communication channels.
Third Party Verification

NTC staff are fully trained in Third Party Verification and Authentication, and know how to ensure your excellent standing and reputation with your customers and regulators is maintained. NTC can handle anything you need, whether it is energy, finance, credit cards, telephony medical or other products or services. We provide TPV for you with live operators via conference or call back, as well as completely automated verifications. NTC is able to provide almost instant access to any recent recording via our client’s unique web portal or FTP site. Our state of the art digital recordings are available minutes after the call.
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Mystery Shopper Program

Mystery shopping is conducted by a wide range of companies and service professionals who wish to check on their services, quality, personnel and operations. Essentially it is a quality control measure to improve the quality of products and services across service orientated business's everywhere.
NTC clients rely on them to provide professional and discreet mystery shopping reports to help them improve their service and performance.

NTC Mystery Shopping program will help your business increase sales and improve employee customer experience awareness.
Event Registration

In order to meet the registration needs of your company, NTC combines line operators with online scheduling, SMS, IVR, Live Chat and other technologies to maximise the effectiveness of your program. NTC registration encompasses both Seminar and Seminar. NTC are prepared to handle your registration needs by providing the following features. 

  • Live 24 hour operators
  • Specific & Comprehensive training
  • Registration Follow up
  • Registration Survey
  • Caller Satisfaction Reporting
  • Registration conversion statistics
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POS Staffing and Sales Kiosks

At airports, shopping centres, public events and front doors, where ever there are people, you will find NTC field specialists engaging consumers and businesses on your behalf, providing product information and education as well as sales for you.
Customer Experience

Because the Customer Experience is central to everything that NTC does we have a Customer Experience program that works hand in hand with our sales quality & coaching programs allowing us to deliver an exceptional Customer Experience on your behalf.

A robust sales quality program is included as part of the NTC Customer Experience program which is scoped according to your specific campaign and program requirements. Our programs work via a combination of call assessments and direct agent coaching feedback to ensure continuous agent development and optimal skill set.

When it comes to Customer Experience we ensure that the golden rule of “treating others as how you would want to be treated” is followed at all times.
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NPS (Net Promoter Score)

The best guide in determining our overall levels of direct Customer service delivery is via a Net Promoter Score (NPS) program which has now become the benchmark performance measure across many Customer facing industries and market sectors.

Our NPS program acts as a critical link between our sales quality and coaching programs and allows for direct tracking and measurement of Customer ratings and more importantly the verbatim provided by them allows us to provide pin-point specific agent coaching requirements.
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