Customer Service Support

Customer Service Support

Answer the call with a virtual call center

A virtual call center is a customer care service call center where the agents attending the calls do not work from the organization's building and are not in a geographically centralized location. In a virtual call center, the agents work from different geographical locations and may also work in groups from different centers of an organization. 

Why opt for virtual call centers?

An important advantage of switching over to a virtual call center is that, you can provide your customers with high-quality customer care services while reducing the operating costs. Traditional call center set ups can cost too much for your business. You can choose virtual call center agents from a wide network and from different locations. Most virtual call center service providers have strict screening processes and training of their staffs to ensure high-quality. So, when you switch over to a virtual call center, you can be assured of quality call center services.  
Virtual call center benefits
When you opt for virtual call center, your organization can get access to many benefits. A few are listed below
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increase in conversion rate of inquiries
  • Less number of calls being escalated
  • Can be used for seasonal business
  • Extraordinary call center service at affordable cost
  • Reduces the cost of infrastructure, software and equipment
  • Can hire only limited number of virtual call center agents
How can we help your business grow?
At NTC Voice, we can provide your business with technology-driven and high-quality virtual call center services. By outsourcing the customer care services to us, you can benefit from greater efficiency, expert services, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue. At NTC Voice, we use our high experience, latest technology, high-end virtual call center softwares and skilled professionals to provide you with virtual call center services that can improve customer service levels and customer satisfaction, while at the same time minimizing the costs.


Why choose us

  • Ease of use
  • Simple pricing
  • Flexible schedule
  • Out of box integrations
  • 24*7 awesome support
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