Answering service

Answering service

24 hours Live Call Center Answering Service!

Are you missing your qualified leads who call you after your business hours? Do your customers hear a busy tone when they call? In this fast-paced world, if you do not answer your customer's phone calls in proper time, you could lose a formidable amount of business. Your customers expect their calls to be attended immediately, even if it's through an answering machine. You cannot expect to attend your customer's calls only during the working hours. This might make your business lose potential customers. This is where the need for an expert business answering service like NTC Voice can arise.

If your business is facing trouble to meet the increasing demands of customers or clients, then you can consider outsourcing your telephone answering services to ensure that your customer’s queries are resolved quickly. NTC Voice is one of the leading one-stop phone answering services provider to businesses across the broad spectrum of sectors.

When you outsource your answering services to an expert like NTC Voice, you can be assured that every call that you receive will be answered promptly and in a very personalized manner. Our outbound call centers use the latest technology to ensure that there is a proper dispersal of information.

How can we help your business grow?

As your business grows, the inflow of customers’ calls also increases. Customers generally prefer to seek assistance and resolve their issues over the phone. We, at NTC Voice, help you handle a large volume of calls through our outbound call centers, even after your business hours. Now you can remain connected to your customers 24/7 through our outbound call centers and solve customer issues or provide assistance to them even when your offices are closed.
Choose NTC Voice as your telephone answering services partner and make sure that all your calls are answered. 


Why choose us

  • Considerable cost savings
  • Cut cost on office space, infrastructure and software
  • Cutting-edge technology for call recording
  • Highly experienced and well-trained call answering representatives
  • Strict security protocol to ensure confidentiality
  • Round the clock service
  • Customized live answering service for small business
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